Calgary is on the verge of sliding into a financial morass that could well pave the way to a dire situation Detroit is experiencing: exodus of residents, boarded up houses and neglected infrastructure. Time to act is now, because later there won’t be any opportunity to do so. The following pillars of the platform are suggested to save our city from an impending fiscal disaster:

1.   Rigorously take measures to retain control of finances (i.e., balanced budgets) by:

  • trimming down bureaucracy by looking for cost and process efficiencies
  • reforming compensation and benefit packages of Councillors and civil workers to match reality (should never be higher than that in the private sector)
  • stop any project that is of multi-billion dollar value and that has a time longer than the City Council’s mandate.  Any mega project needs to be subject to a plebiscite because it affects taxpayers’ rates
  • Stop invention of fees and raising taxes; keep homeowners in their dwellings

2.  Encourage innovation by:

  • working smarter by using available technology
  • examination of application of best practices and make changes where required
  • focus on outcomes in terms of benefit to all residents, avoid favouritism

3.  Effective Management:

  • outline clear responsibilities for Council and Councillors
  • hold City Council accountable and responsible; Council needs to manage civil service, not the other way around
  • introduce long-term infrastructure planning based on risk and integrity

4.  Transparency: Council initiatives need to be vetted by objective standards:

  • what are the alternatives?
  • costs to taxpayers
  • risk exposure associated to implementation and setting of limits
  • examination of potential unintended consequences
  • performance measurement & reporting

5.  Social Justice:

  • promote effective collaboration among non-profit societies
  • demand from utility providers fair treatment of those who fall on hard times
  • cancel free services but make allowance for low income situations

Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility

Theo Van Besouw

A Brief Introduction to

THEO van Besouw

He was born and raised in The  Netherlands and emigrated to Canada in 1977. While working as labourer and technician , he started upgrading his education at SAIT and met Carol whom he married in 1982, the same year he received his Canadian citizenship certificate.

In 1989 he graduated from U of C with a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering and worked on pipelines and compressor stations in Cranbrook, B.C. for three years. He moved back to Calgary with Carol and their 3 children and barely survived a dreadful lay-off scenario that nearly forced a sale of the family home.

In 1996 the family moved to Thunder Bay, Ont. but that initially planned 2-year stay was curtailed by an opportunity to move to Reno, NV. After 5 years and earning a MBA, it was moving back North to Calgary and time to become an independent engineering consultant for various national and international companies.

In 2018 he retired and became deeper involved in the non-profit charity sector, kept bees and rode his Harley when weather conditions were perfect. Both Carol, Theo and their two dogs Bella and Asta can be regularly spotted walking around Hawkwood, taking in the magnificent scenery of the Rocky Mountains.

With the upcoming civic elections in 2021 there is an opportunity for him to give back to the community and to put his professional experiences and knowledge to good use. 


Ward 2

Ward boundaries for October 18, 2021 General Election

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