A Person’s Home is his/her Castle

This phrase was coined by Sir Edward Coke in 1604 and reflects the reality that a home by the person who is living in it, is regarded as a refuge, a haven from the outside world, shielded from uninvited interferences.

Most homeowners paid the price for purchasing a dwelling. They remember well the dealings with realtors, banks, lawyers, and surveyors, all involved in the process of obtaining an abode in which personal freedom and peace is guaranteed. Those who moved to Calgary from corners of the world where living space is sparce due to dense populations, marvel at the open sky opportunities the City has to offer in terms of choice in housing and locations and therefor made significant investments to live their dream. They are now about to be awaken that their dreams can be altered by a stroke of a pen.

The City of Calgary, or more precise, City Council, has on its agenda “The Guidebook for Great Communities”. Although the intentions of this document are not entirely clear, voices of those who are “in the know” warn that “it will shift planning control to unelected bureaucrats” (quoted from an article by Licia Corbella, Herald March 16, 2021). In other words, the City will have a say as to how your community will undergo future development to a point that zoning becomes irrelevant. Calgary is fortunate to have community associations that, until now, have had input so the interest of residents is properly addressed. This may not be the most efficient way of dealing with all issues, it does provide means for keeping the City accountable.

Here we touch upon the heart of the issue. Present City Council has grown so convinced of their status of “knowing better”, that any input of residents or Community Association is considered a nuisance. They have decided that Calgary has to grow “upward” and they are willing to put all nefarious means in place to make that happen. Although social media sometimes leaves a few things to be desired, it does provide means to let mayor and councillors know: Reject the Guidebook on March 22, 2021.