Incompetence and Wasting Tax Dollars

On February 17, 2021, The Calgary Herald published an article by Madeline Smith stating: “Plans to privatize city golf courses not up to par”. The article goes on to say that council voted (or prepared to vote) to put the venture off until 2022, or in other words, when the next council is in place. What is not reported is how long the city has been working on this and how much it has cost the taxpayer. Mayor Nenshi is quoted as saying: “I’m done spending good money after bad on this”.

The remainder of the article leaves the reader with a distinct impression that council had not a foggiest idea as to how to embark on a study as to investigating feasibility of alternative golf course management structures. Not able to define specific deliverables, plans were bound to be incoherent and inconclusive. 

What this meant for taxpayers is that time and resources were approved and spent without resulting in anything useful. Next council will have to start from scratch and costs will have to be incurred again. If Calgarians wish to be protected from tax increases, it is incumbent on them to see that competent people are elected to council: specifically, those who understand the business environment and able to compose and manage contracts. 

Without that, tax dollars are at risk.